~ [Drabble Music And Love 5] Speak Now ~

Title : Music And Love Chapter 5 – Speak Now Author : PrincessClouds/@Hi_putriys Genre : Romance, Teen, Rated : PG-15 Main : Kim So Eun – Cho Kyu Hyun Summary: “Don’t say yes runaway now..” Recommended Song: Speak Now by. Taylor Swift Warning: Typo(s) – Not So Drabble at all *Speak_Now* Iklan

~ How About My Love Part 6 (Destination)~

How About My LovePart 6 (Destination)|PrincessClouds|Drama-Sad-Romance-Friendship-Family|Chaptures | Kim So Eun, Lee Hyuk Jae (SJ Eunhyuk), Kim Jong Woon (SJ Yesung), Kim Taeyeon, Kim Hyoyeon, Jung Yoogeun and Others Warning: Typo(s), PG15, Alur berantakan. Don’t Like Don’t Read. No Bash No Blame. Summary: “Where do you want to go..” Recommended Songs: * Soeun’s Parts : Davichi…